Jemma Chidiac Architects

In progress

Kuwait , 2021

Embracing the distant surroundings of the urban fabric to the purity of the shore of the Kuwait sea; every perspective from and towards the site contributes to the trigure of emotions.

Located at the intersection of the three roads overlooking the sea, R Villa extends its landscape on an upper platform celebrating the sea shore with its extended floor.

The entrance of the house elevates from the ground creating an introverted garden ready to be embraced by visitors and those on the interior of the villa. As the fence wall creates a boundary to the exterior street, the ground floor opens with its glass facades onto the garden uniting interior and exterior to become one whole. The mezzanine holds an office on one with its private garden while the other villa holds the mother’s quarter. As the private quarters detach from the public, the first floor remains for the children as the second holds the parents sleeping quarter.

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