Jemma Chidiac Architects


Tharwa, Saudi Arabia , 2023

Mosques extend the definition of a place defined by acts of worship. A Mosque is no longer about creating an architecture but yet, as Peter Zumthor states, it is about creating “atmospheres” from a juxtaposition of architectonics and material where a reaction starts and then, we talk about feelings….

Creating a presence is identified by a movement of body versus building as a “ Temporal Art”, resulting in a body of Architecture; different materials, different layers, different components creating a body.

The mosque is located at the end point of the main central axis, with a backdrop of high rise towers and lies between a set of two to four floors residential, governmental and commercial buildings.
The mosque’s plot calls on a landmark that addresses opportunities and constraints:

  1. Qibla Orientation: Qibla wall is directly facing the intersection of the main axis, creating visual and noise
  2. Plot is accessed by secondary road. Upon curating an experience for users, circulation and access points must be taken into consideration
  3. Urban Opportunity: Neighboring plot is a public garden, offering an urban opportunity to connect to the mosque.
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