Jemma Chidiac Architects

Preconcept Design

Arez, Lebanon , 2016

The Cedars, a symbol of solidity, exchange, empowerement, and unity, stand gracefully on the northern slopes of Lebanon. With their solid base, the branches canteliver horizontally upon large spans creating shaded spaces that the land embraces.

Around a 20m diameter watertank that waters the agriculculture around it, a highland retreat zone is established. On an empty site near the cedar trees, a family retreat spans around the existing watertank, a solid concrete base, and swirls its away around the landscape to reach the lower sloped ground. The retreat divides itself into two floors; the upper floor , the living areas, and the lower floors, the bedrooms.

The concrete tank is surrounded with a steel structure that holds a large canopy that swirls creating spaces. The interior walls are cladded with the natural stone retrieved from the site. The Steel canopy waps the spaces creating private courtyards.

As the roof spirals around the watertank gliding with the slightly sloped site, the retreat fuses the outdoor and the indoors with a transparent facade and allows residents to circulate upon the roof creating connected terraces over viewing the courtyards below.

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