Jemma Chidiac Architects


K Villa is a masterful blend of transparency and privacy, poised to redefine luxury living. This
architectural marvel, with its first two floors constructed entirely of glass, invites natural light to dance
throughout the living spaces, creating an ambiance that seamlessly integrates the indoors with the
surrounding beauty. The ground and first levels embrace transparency, providing panoramic views of
the lush surroundings and flooding the interiors with an abundance of sunlight. Every corner of these
light-filled floors is designed to inspire a sense of openness, connecting residents with the beauty of
the outdoors. As you ascend to the third and fourth levels, a striking transformation takes place. Here,
a solid and elegantly designed structure forms a graceful bulk, offering a cocoon of privacy for more
intimate living spaces. The upper levels not only provide seclusion but also serve as a visual
masterpiece, balancing the architectural composition and adding a touch of grandeur to the overall

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