Jemma Chidiac Architects


Dbayeh, Lebanon , 2020

On a cliff, with a panoramic sea view, GD residence settles with a 9m canteleveing pool. Respecting the topography, the structure positions itself with the landscape stratifying all layer vertically. As the program changes from basement level to upper levels , the limits of each slab vary to allow for sun and wind to flow on all levels. The residence consists of 5 floors. The first floor defines a transition between the lanscape and the structure. The guest floor extends within the support of the cantelevering pool creating one aestheic reading while the remaining 3 floors lay on the pool level. A continuous flow of landscape is evident in the structure as one can easily circulate and connect thoughout the various levels. The strcuture remains true to its skeleton as it embodies concrete as a whole material for the residence.

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